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Landscape Design

It’s possible to create a little paradise outside your home or business property. All you need is a good landscape design and an experienced landscape contractor.

For South Carolina homeowners, choosing the right designer for your landscape should not be a problem. At All About Landscaping, we can work with any kind of design based on your preferences, your budget, the area’s capacity, and of course, your dreams.

Important Factors in Landscape Design

Creating a landscape design is the most critical part of the entire landscaping process. This is when we build the plan for your dream outdoors. When designing, our team follows these factors to ensure that the result will be according to your wishes and capacity of the area:

  • Plan for the area. Our landscape designers will collaborate with you before we start with the design stage. The various elements that you want to have in the landscape will be taken into consideration.
  • Possibilities with the area. Some areas may be good for planting more trees, while others are not. Experts like us will know what can and cannot be done in an area. Your area’s limitation is not a problem for us. This will help us determine the possibilities and what can be done to create more possibilities.
  • Budget. Don’t think that having a beautifully designed landscape is expensive. We are flexible enough to create landscape designs based on your estimated budget.
  • Preferences. Are you an avid environmentalist or a firm believer of native plants? No worries because whatever your preferences are, we can work those out with our flexible landscape design.


Latest Landscaping Trends

Landscape design trends come and go. But we are happy to see changes that are more favorable for both the property owner and our environment. For instance, gone were the days when landscape means an area with perfectly manicured lawn. Today, landscapes are more of gardens than just an endless horizon of green ground surfaces.

  • Plant choices. Even choice of plants has changed. Native plants of South Carolina are the more preferred choice, mainly because of easy maintenance and sustainability. Besides, varieties of local plants in our state are beautiful and varied enough for whatever landscaping purposes. More and more people are also choosing edible plants for their dual purposes.
  • Outdoor rooms. All these changes will be more amazing with rooms outdoors. We’re not only talking about a coffee table but a fully furnished outdoor kitchen, an outdoor living room, and even a gazebo.
  • Pavers. Another growing trend in landscaping design is the use of pavers. More people are starting to realize that compared with other materials, pavers are much more beneficial in terms of aesthetics and durability. Perhaps, you’ve seen driveways made of pavers instead of poured concrete or decks made of slates instead of wood.


Our landscape design is not only limited to what the trend is. Our goal is to still please our clients. That is why we always ensure that our designs are not only beautiful but also functional and durable when installed. Call All About Landscaping today.

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