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Landscape Maintenance

Every residential or commercial landscape needs regular landscape maintenance. The plants and topiaries may not have sufficient nutrients, grasses may have overgrown, patios may have stubborn stains, and the like. All these problems need immediate attention, and only an experienced landscaping company can provide the right solutions.

Softscape Maintenance

When we talk about “softscapes,” we are referring to the plant part of a landscape—from trees and shrubs to flowers and grasses. Green, healthy, and beautiful plants make up most of a landscape, and seeing anyone of them wither is an eyesore. You can prevent that with the help of a reliable landscape maintenance company like us.

Below are some of the tasks that we can provide to our South Carolina clients:

  • Mowing. This maintenance job may be a simple task, but it is better left to the professionals, especially if you have a larger lawn. Mowing requires appropriate skills and tools to do the job perfectly.
  • Trimming/pruning. These tasks must be done regularly to ensure your trees and shrubs will not be safety risks in your landscape. However, only trained people must do these landscape maintenance jobs. If done inappropriately, damages to existing structures and other landscape elements may occur.
  • Feeding. This is more popular as “fertilizing” and has to be done in early fall or late spring.
  • Weed control. Fall and late winter are the perfect time to attack those weeds, or, better yet, put them under control.
  • Grub control.  It is not only icky, but it can also ruin the healthy plants around a landscape. During summer, grub worms must be taken care of to ensure that there will be no browning or wilting on the lawn.
  • Patching. Ever noticed thinner parts on the lawn? We can resolve that by patching in early fall or summer.
  • Cleanup. Debris, twigs, fallen leaves are best removed during spring to fall. However, if you want an immaculate landscape the whole year round, you can ask us to perform regular cleanup of the outdoors.


Hardscape Maintenance

Our landscape maintenance services also include the hardscape. We can take care of your driveways, walkways, decks, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, water features, retaining walls, and anything with rocks and stones.

  • Pavers. All landscape parts with pavers, like walkways, pathways, and driveways, are typically maintained by regular power washing, followed by sealing. The combination of these processes will make the pavers looking brand new all the time.
  • Irrigation. You don’t just stop the sprinkler for winter and then start it after. It will possibly experience cracking and destroy the entire system. We know just how to properly handle sprinkler and other irrigation systems, so you are assured that the system is still working even after the freezing winter.
  • Water Features. Like the irrigation system, there is a proper way to winterize and then start up ponds, pools, and other water features.


Reliable Landscape Maintenance Contractor

With us, rest assured that the entire landscape will be looking its best at all times. If you are a homeowner from Greenville, Seneca, Salem, Anderson, and Clemson, call us anytime whenever you need reliable landscape maintenance services.

Better yet, sign up in a contract. We will create a landscape maintenance plan for you. With this setup, you don’t have to worry about having a messy landscape.

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