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Contact All About Landscaping today if you’re on the hunt for the best designer and builder of top notch landscape patios for your prized property. Whether you live in Clemson, Salem, Anderson, Greenville, or Seneca, we can provide the patio of your dream just the same.

Patios: Great Addition to Your Home

Among the best additions that you can possibly have for your home is a patio. Although a predominantly European hardscape amenity, patios have long become a staple part of most American properties due to their aesthetic and utilitarian benefits. And here at All About Landscaping, we have perfected the art of designing and creating stunning and well-designed patios that boast of both beauty and functionality.

Accordingly, here are some of the finest benefits of having a patio built in your property:

  • Provides added beauty.One of the best benefits of having a patio is the aesthetic boost that it provides to any property. A patio makes even a plain-looking property look elegant and pricey.
  • A great place for rest and relaxation.Property owners who wish to have a place of rest and relaxation right inside their properties should strongly consider having patios built. With the right amenities and add-ons such as mini waterfalls, pond, dining set, lounge chairs, swing set, and the like, you can get the rest that you need even without going out of your property.
  • Acts as an activity area.A carefully thought of patio can actually double as an activity area where you can hold parties, barbecues, dine-outs, and more. The key is to have the patio designed with considerations like accommodating large groups or installing amenities like barbecue grill.


However, keep in mind that you can only enjoy these benefits if your patio is built by certified artisans. Fortunately, we have them in our company. Our designers and workers have created countless patios for clients in the South Carolina area. Our people have the training and skills required to create a beautiful and functional patio that your neighbors will surely envy.

Patio Designs to Choose From

Among the patio designs that we recommend to clients include:

  • Walled. This type of patio design creates a feeling of exclusivity. Walled patios can serve as a room where you can have private conversations or just some quiet time with your loved ones.
  • Screened. Screened patios are fast becoming a hit among South Carolina homeowners for the safety and security that they offer. If you prefer maximum privacy and safety, then this design should be your choice. With a screened patio, you are protected from the elements such as sun and rain, as well as from bugs and mosquitoes that normally come out at dusk.
  • Open. An open patio is perfect for property owners who love the idea of freedom and communing with nature.
  • Poolside.Want to take a dip? By all means, go for a patio with a pool for that refreshing experience.


At All About Landscaping, we can design and build any type and size of patios. Just tell us your specifications and we’ll work to achieve them for your total satisfaction.

Call us today and let us build the patio of your dream.

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