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Ponds & Waterfalls

Is your landscape serene enough? It will be more peaceful with the mere presence of ponds. Add to that the mesmerizing sound that can only be achieved by soft, falling water of waterfalls. Having these water features will not only be beneficial for the mind, body, and soul. They will also add value to your property, as well as visual interest in the area.

However, the benefits of these features will depend on the creativity and experience of the contractor. It is a good thing that South Carolina has a reliable landscape contractor who can work on these landscape additions--All About Landscaping, LLC. We can build perfect ponds and waterfalls that will wow everyone.

Benefits of Ponds and Waterfalls

A landscape can stand out even without a water feature. But admit it or not, having one will make a big difference in the overall look and feel of the area. As mentioned, the mere presence of such features is enough to improve the area’s aesthetics. The blue, clear water adds interest to the scene that it automatically becomes the focal point. And since more beautiful, having these features will increase the property’s marketability.

Water is considered as life. That’s why having a pond means creating a natural habitat for fishes, plants, and other animals. Being surrounded with the living power of nature is enough to alleviate stress from anything.

All the benefits that ponds and waterfalls can bring are so priceless that it won’t matter how much they’ll cost.

Unique Designs and Quality Installations

All About Landscaping has long been in the business of making paradise outdoors. One of our specialties is creating water features. Although we can build any water feature, our highest recommendations go to ponds and waterfalls. These two are enough to create variety of designs that will satisfy your fancies. For samples of our past projects, please see our Portfolio, and go to the Water Features section.

Our ponds and waterfalls use large stones, sometimes real boulders, as aesthetic elements. We can also use slates to support the falling water. Combining different sizes of stones is important not only for the aesthetics side but also for their function. When necessary, they are added as the base of the pond.

We can build a pond with a glorious waterfall, or you may choose any of these. A pond without waterfall is more serene because the falling water is eliminated. It can be static if you want to reflect the trees and other elements in the area. But if you’re planning to tame fishes, the water has to move to produce the needed oxygen. In this case, it’s a more beautiful choice to have a waterfall in the pond. We can also create pondless waterfall for a safer water feature.

Ponds and Waterfalls Builder in South Carolina

Our team can do more. Talk with us and let us know what kind of water feature you intend to have in your property. We serve several areas in South Carolina, including Seneca, Anderson, Salem, Greenville and Clemson.

We can help you with the design, installation, and maintenance of ponds and waterfalls.

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